Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Walk through Champaign in the snow

Finally ah, the snow all lau chut lai liao. See, white. About 2 inches only lah. So I think not very much...last year got a lot more. So we walk walk through West Side Park and downtown, Champaign, Illinois. Got people making snowman, snow things, really chia bah bo si zo you know. By the way hor, its still snowing lor...on and off. I think this winter is very bu san bu si lah. Like ai chut mai chut like that. I mean, if you want to snow, then let it all out, but if you like that, then people very frus, dunno whether should believe you or not. So in this movie we take a walk and see the pretty sights of this tiny town. Warning, it is a large file. I recorded with my Samsung z230. I make on mac. Also, since it is handphone video, the quality is of course not top notch lah. So watch too long might give you headache. Don't say I never say ah!

[Download movie]

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