Sunday, June 21, 2009

An evening at Harvest Moon Drive-In

We went again to Bayern Stube, the German restaurant at Gibson City, just 40 min away from Champaign by car. This was to celebrate Sylvia's completion of her defense and graduating! Bayern Stube sells great beer and sausages, not to mention awesome desserts. Creme brule there is a must.

After dinner, we watched Year One at the nearby Harvest Moon Drive-In theater. Back in the good old days in Singapore, we used to have one drive-in theater at Jurong. This was taken over my mediacorp and turned into some place for housing film sets.

Harvest Moon Drive-In as two screens, and the thrill is not so much the movie, as it is the feel of sitting out under the stars, watching a screen, straining your ears to hear the dialogue from other peoples' car radios (you don't turn on your own because you are afraid the car battery will die out). And have that venture thwarted because the local train rolls by, chugging along on the metal tracks just behind the screen. The mosquitoes make a full meal out of you. Some people bring their sofas out behind the back of their trucks, some people bring their bbq. As the sun sets, the sky is glorious. All these make the movie a wonderful experience, no matter what the movie is about!

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