Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nobody Mourns the Wicked

Nothing is at it seems, once a story is told. We hear about the wonderful wizard of Oz, but why is he so wonderful? Follow the story of Elphaba, by musical or by book. Either way, you'll see things have a 'wicked' way of unfolding.

What a wonderful modern musical...and she flies! Wow. On a broomstick! Double-wow. Bam! And most of all, she's green! Definitely, if you can get tickets, you should watch this fantastic display, if only for an evening of wonder and great story-telling, with the most colorful of characters. We got in for $37 :)


  1. I know the music quite well as several of my students love it. But I've never seen it as I don't have a life.
    You're using "BAM" alot recently. hmm.

  2. Well, go get a life! Come up to Chicago and see it! Boom!