Monday, September 15, 2008

Curtis Orchard

We went to Curtis Orchard the other day. Its an apple farm with apple trees. You can pick your own apples from the trees. They give you the special apple picking hook to reach those that are too high (those that tend to taste better too!). We sampled from the trees...although I'm not sure if we took too many because by the time we sampled, we were actually quite full! Anyway, we picked a whole bag full, and its still not finished yet.

The pictures show some red apples, although most of the apples that were ready for picking were green ones. A lot of the apples also dropped to the ground, many were beginning to rot. It seems quite a waste, but I'm sure there must be some use for these rotting apples somehow...

Curtis Orchards open specific rows of apple trees for picking depending on the season. Usually, the different types of apples ripen over the course of several weeks from late summer to the fall season. You could try your luck...or call them to ask when what type of apples are available. But personally, just go there and buy their pre-picked honey-golden crisp apples. That's their signature apple. Its good!


  1. Where you find time to pluck apples??

  2. Have to get out mah. If not can go mad! So apples is good.