Monday, December 17, 2007

Extreme Winter Sports Action Footage (EWSAF)

It snowed yesterday, somewhere between 4 - 8 inches. Which, to the well-informed, means one thing and one thing only...SLEDDING!! So after lunch, while we decided to take a look at what winter wonders there were in the Japan House and Arboriteum area, we see Nina and Michael, with Nina's childhood sled, just itching to slide down the hill on Orchard Downs. The hill was crowded. Families with children hitting the slopes. The cold winter wind did not prevent them all from having fun in the white powder. And it shouldn't have, because for all the blistering frost, it is honest-to-gosh fun in the purest. Letting yourself go with the snow.

But of course, you have to have the right equipment. Michael decided to do an experiment. Using our extraordinary knowledge in physics, we know that objects at rest, tend to stay at rest, unless acted upon by another force. Michael decided to test this using his car windshield sunshade as a sled. Now, theoretically, this should work. The snow should provide enough lubrication to offset the friction. And Michael's weight should be enough for gravity to pull him down...theoretically. The movie clip below shows the outcome of this experiment. Empirical trial number one.

Go Michael Go!!

Undaunted by human limitations, we next decide to perform a stunt which has never before been attempted in human history. We decided to record sports action footage of extreme sledding. What you are about to see is the shot as seen from the video camera mounted in front of a model 3000 sledding machine, with all the latest upgrades and safety features. Hold your breath, because your eyes will now be witness to one of the most amazing sports action perspectives ever.

Extreme Sledding!!

This concludes our winter episode of sports olympics. Tune in next time when we go to Extreme Summer Sports Action Footage or ESSAF!

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