Monday, December 17, 2007

Crepes at Carmon's

Carmon's is a French Creperie located in downtown Champaign. This would be my fourth time there. The decor is homely, bright with a tint of sophistication, yet not too modern, nor is too old fashioned. In other words, it is just nice. Which, to the senses, can sometimes be more delightful than either extremes. For one wishes to be at the crossroads between the past and the future, totally dwelling in the present. I've tried the beef stroganoff (good with reds), pork chutney, onion soup, curry chicken chutney, ratatouille, banana foster, peach streusel, and the suzette (which the movie clip below shows part of the making process involving flaming the grand marnier, and the photo top left is the finish product). All I can say is, this is one place, which every dish on the menu is worth trying once. And it is fortunate that the menu is short enough for that to be a realistic endeavor. Every dime is well spent to fill your senses with delectables.

Flaming the Suzette


  1. The red wine you had, which was excellent, was Razor's Edge Cabernet Savignon, 2004 or 2006. I think you said it was from Australia. Dry (I like really dry wines) and rounded finish. Wonderful stuff.

  2. It was a 2006, I believe. Yes. I agree, wonderful stuff. Very provincial.