Sunday, October 07, 2007

On The Way...

So you see busy until the blog fresquenscies is so slow lah. Anyway lah. Updache all a bits. First, Charlene birthday happened. We celebrated with homemade spaghetti: shrimp, mushrooms, marinara sauce, red wine, and these three cakes from Cake Artist Studios on Bloomington Rd, Champaign, IL. Very good! If I remember correctly, one is called black berry something, one is called cappuccino something, and the last one is called chocolate something...something.

Then I had to go to Ann Arbor, MI to give a talk. This was kind of a last minute thing. But then had to go lor. Drive for 5.5 hrs (acherly, Charlene drove lah, atta girl!). Then stayed over night there before giving the talk the next day to the bunch at UMich. Quite a good crowd acherly. Met Ah Yu there, he was giving a talk too. We ate at some Korean restaurant thingy. Then after the talk, we drove back (another 5.5 hrs) but via Indianapolis, to go to The Beefhouse. Note: Beefhouse is at exit 4 on I-74 heading west, just before crossing the Indiana/Illinois border. Very good meat! Mmmm...can go back by now, you should be able to tell, that I am somewhat broke oredi. Donations are welcome [].

And finally, I got my Master's in Psycho. Now, I am a certified genius, I'm sure! Certified man. got paper leh. Hopefully this paper can hepped me earn more mahni. If not, then is din deh lah. So all in all, although got many thing going on...its moving lah. Slowly but surely. For more good years!


  1. Happy Birthday, Charlene! And congratulations, Master Josh.

  2. you are a dopey goosehead. Really. ok. I'll send you a check.