Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chicken Rice

Once of the most standard dishes in Singapore, the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice. Easy to make, light to the taste, and adaptable for all situations.

Sesame oil
Light soya sauce

Cook your rice as per normal in a rice cooker, but add your chicken meat whole as well. This saves on cooking time, but it will taste better if you cook the chicken separately, however, if you do this, you would have to use chicken stock to cook your rice. Following our original plan, add the chicken into the rice and cook it together, also add a few slices of ginger, some sesame oil, and salt. Cook the mixture. Slice the cucumbers and cilantro for garnish. Once the rice is done, take out the chicken, slice it up. Serve on plate with garnish, add some light soya sauce and chilli sauce if required.

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  1. Eh... making me very hungry with all these food posts.
    Can't you just cook it and share the actual food with me?