Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CNS 2007: New York City

New York, New York. The greatest city on earth...lah. We walk here walk there, walk everywhere. This photo show the city from the New Jersey side. A dense fog is covering the midtown area. Very thick, very mystery one.

Anyway, someone may is being asking me, why you go there ah? So I have to tell you, is not for fun one ok! Is for work. We is actuallying doing work lah. Conference. CNS Conference. Stand for Cognitive Neuroscience Society lah. Is for people who do my kind of work one, neuroscience. About the brain lah. Anyway, as you can see, we are very busy. So cannot talk very long. We are constantly finding out new, and interesting and important things, so also have to keep ourselves fit in order to maximize productivity. This next photo is showing Wenjing eating the duck bones, then Blair is eating the fish bone. See we very poor, eat only bones.

The the city also very one kind, the sell us jiu. Then got so many kinds. We dunno what to get, so we see this one, must be super good lah. Because the name is SIMI. So we think this one is asking us "Kua Si Mi?" That's means is got very stylo right? Because got attitude. Then you know this one is for when you dunno what jiu this is, you ask the store owner, he will recommend and say "Simi jiu you want?" Then of course you say "yes!"

Then not say I say what lah, but there is a very good sushi place called Yuka in the Upper East Side, this is in the upper side, in the east. That side. Is eat all you can one, anytime. Most New York eat all you can is only on certain days only and at some times only. This one is everyday, anytime also can. Only about $20. Is cheap already lah for New York. Only thing is you must not over order. So if you order, then never eat, then must pay the full price for ala carte. Remember ah, don't order too much, then no more siao mei mei price.

The next time is we go to the statue lah. Here is the poem they write about it. Acherly, not they lah, is one xiao jie write one. Is talking about the liberty, the freedom, is so good. Everyone also is like.

Then hor, lastly but not least lah, is the brunch in the West Village in place call Manteno, or Man something lah....and dinner in Le Petite Bistro.

This one is the You've Got Mail restaurant where the guy pretend to dunno the girl like that, then sian her from there lor.

So you can see we is very busy lah. I also recommend you see this movie lah. Is very good, but because take on phone may give you headache. [movie] And no say I never tell you ah, this movie is quite long one...about 20min long!

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