Monday, October 16, 2006

Theory about frequency and perception

All that we can see and feel requires frequency.

Our eyes see light and color reflected of objects because our retinal cells process light energy of varying frequencies. The complex integration of these frequencies of energy give rise to the phenomena of seeing.

Our hearing comes from the physical vibration of sound energy of varying frequencies that gives rise to the phenomena of hearing.

Even smell, taste, and touch, come as an phenomena that is represented as the spiking activity of neurons when an event occurs versus when that specific stimulus is not present. Frequency, on/off.

What if everything froze. For example, light. What if all the existing energy waves were stopped in whatever phase they are in. We would no longer see, because technically, there would be no frequency to which our eye cells can respond.

That is, if time stopped, there would be nothing. Because that thing ceases since it is no longer defined with respect to a phenomenon.

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