Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Yellowstone 2012: Day 1

It is 12.43am, I am writing a paper. Its been 4 days since my last day at LBN. The weekend was mostly spent on work, shopping, eating, watching TV. Packing up our stuff was at the back of our minds...the 22nd seems so far away at the moment. But we know it is not. It is a stressor.

Today's thoughts included:
1. Tim Minchin's Storm is something I contend with.
2. Higgs-Boson particle.
3. Dang it Apple! -- you stole my eye-glass computer screen idea, and you'll probably make it work too, I so love/hate you.
4. Pho.
5. Classes to teach.
6. Grants to write.
7. Research projects to do.
8. Lumix GX1 wins.
9. The Snow Leopard has not yet appeared at our door.
10. DK is cool, but he does go on.
11. ...

You can hardly tell that in 4 hours, we're leaving for Yellowstone.

What I need is a butler.

Yay to vacations, yay to getting back to reality.

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