Friday, October 09, 2009

Developments after...

This has got to be the wettest year ever. The rains got so bad this year that snow aphids snowed down on our small little town of Champaign. Winter rears its cold face around the corner now.

The reason why I am posting this now, is because I have just returned from a series of inspirational events. Traveling north and south between Champaign and Dallas takes its toll at times. You get up early at 6am, clean up, and get on the 7.30am flight (2 hrs). Reach DFW. Get onto the shuttle for the rental car mall of the airport (takes 15min). Get the car, drive to the Dallas lab (20min). Work. Check-in to Embassy Suites (which is an awesome hotel!). And on trips back, leave the lab by 4pm. Return the rental car, take the shuttle to terminal B of DFW. Pass security. Have a beer and a burger at TGIF in the airport before getting on the 6.50pm flight back to Champaign, and be picked up by a familiar face.

Do this 20 times.

Recently though, work has been progressing. Papers are being submitted. Finally. And hopefully accepted! But I think the most inspiring event happened yesterday. Instead of going south, I headed north and gave talks at Northwestern. The data seems well received and everyone seems so interested and in agreement. I felt glad. It was worthwhile to drive up 3hrs and back 3hrs for that one day of wonderful meetings and interactions.

Now, the main concern are next steps. Where to go after this one year of post-doctoral research? Another post-doctoral position? Faculty? Tough decisions with too many factors that plague my mind, that give no clear direction. No amount of grad school prepares you for this! For life!

One can only dive in.

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