Thursday, May 29, 2008

Charlene Sees/Hears Dinosaurs...NOOOOOO!

Mother says: Would you like to go on the choo choo train?
Child replies: Noooooo!

We went to the Chicago Botanic Garden with Nina, Rich, and Atsunobu. Flower after flower, scene after scene, the colors, touch, smell all filled our senses. Simply put, it was a very happy time. It is quite amazing how the simple delicate things can reach deep down.

Now, the serious business though. While I was taking a scenic shot. Someone amidst our group saw or heard something quite phenomenal. I wonder if we should report this to the Paleontological society? is what I mean:

You can check out photos of our Chicago Botanic Garden trip, with all the flowers in their glory by going to my Shutterfly Collection, or by going to The Daily Josh.

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