Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007: E-Poem

It was time.
Time to do anything
Anything but work.
This Thanksgiving break
We headed to Starved Rock.

We forded the streams
We conquered our fear
We reach to the top.

We even ourselves "caught" a deer.

A few days later,
we were out again,
this time it was noisy
But all the same
We were happy

We were out late
Late into the night,
And that's when it all started
We began to see some lights.

After which, we went in
for turkey and a din.
Prepared by Nina
Nina and Mr Lin.

The feast was a great
It was a fantastic
It filled our stomachs
We were almost ballistic

After all is eaten and said
All is said and done
We each one of us
Noticed it was fun

So for each and every year
Once a time
Time and again
We remember to be thankful
To be sober
and sane.

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