Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Nihon Nihon!

Some of you may or may not be aware (what kind of stupid statement is that anyway?), that I went to Japan for holiday. Shiokanaden! Subarashi! Hontoni hontoni! The food is good. The service is great. The people are gentle, and ...interesting. The sights and sounds are captivating. And did I mention the food is good? I never bluff.

The first day, we arrived at Narita. Took the Kensei line to Ueno, transferred to Ginza line to go to Asakusa. This took all about 2 hrs or so. But it was a pleasant ride. The most impressive thing about it was the train itself. Absolutely quiet! Acherly its going very fast lah. But then you don't feel it at all. How do they do it? Some weird nihon-o technology must be.

Then we arrived in Asakusa. This is where the Kamenarimon is. The Thunder Gate! Mon= men2 = door, by the way. We stayed at Ryokan Shigetsu. Very decent priced, very nice experience. Sleep on tatami floor and all that. There was also an onsen on the roof. I soaked in it. You are supposed to do it with other people naked. Separate for guys and gals lah, of course. Koki, a friend we met at a conference in New York, brought us around there with his girlfriend.

After Asakusa, we went to Hakone. Dai kirei da! This is near Fuji-san and lake Ashi. Take the romance car, the odakyu-sen, to Hakone-Yumoto. Then take a bus to Hakone-machi. We stayed at Ryokan Yugiriso. The whole package man! One night. Dinner and breakfast. Sushi lah, hot pot lah, pickled stuff lah, and a lot of other things dunno what it is. And of course, got onsen. Sleep on tatami. Can cry ah. Then after that, can see see the area. Very nice scenery in front of the lake. And also can go shopping at Hakone-Yumoto, very nice rustic charm.

Next is back to Tokyo, Shinjuku. We toured Akihabara where there weird people acting out anime and singing on the streets. We also met Niwako who brought us around the Meiji Shrine and also dinner at a sushi place in Shinjuku station. I tell you, so many cool things...can die already.

I took so long to put all these down because it seems that words cannot describe lor. Anyway, next time coming again. Check out the pictures [click here].

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