Thursday, June 21, 2007

HBM Conference 2007 Chicago

Went to Human Brain Mapping Conference last week. Stayed at Sheraton Hotel. We ate at several places during that time, so hungry...because always using brain, so all the sugar used up. But it was fun. First night we arrived, there were fireworks and the Blues Fest was on in Grant Park. Anyway, no photos because too busy working. Check out what was cool at the conference [click here].

Here are the eatery reviews:
Happy Chef Chinatown
Always my standard place to eat...we had dim sum there, although usually for dinner, you can do a set meal for very cheap (works out usually to be ~$8), and it comes with free lobster or crab.

Japanese sushi place. Not bad...but probably Sai Cafe is better but more expensive. Anyway, its one of those modern sushi places. There's two outlets, one on Grand, and one one Michigan. Average cost ~$20-$30, depending on what you order.

Dao Thai Restaurant
Good food and cheap prices (~$6). Has some pretty authentic Thai dishes, and the restaurant has nice Thai looking decor where you sit on floors with wells in them so that you are the same height as the table...get it?

Gino's East
Took a while to get our pizzas, but that's because they were making it fresh, as any good pizza should be. The pizza is pretty good. Nice and thick. We had a mix of supremo and vege. The sauce was not too sweet or rich, so its good. ~$15. Giordano's near the Water Tower still has my vote.

John Hancock, the Signature Room on 95th Floor

What would a trip to downtown Chicago be without a brunch at the Signature Room? $20. Best view with food combination. Menu changes. Brunch is from 11.30am to 2.30pm. This is the same view you get as when you go to the observatory, for which you must pay ~$15. So go do the math...

Andy's Jazz Pub
In my opinion, this is the heart of Chicago, and the most worthwhile place to hang out for good music. Don't come here to have deep conversation. Come here to listen to the depths of music. Cover $5-$20. Drinks are decent, not too wide ranged, but enough, serves dinner too. Historically, several notable musicians have jammed here. I like the way you can sit right in front of the band, and also the jam nights...informal, naughty, crazy, eclectic, and it all gets into your ears. Trumpets, guitars, drums, piano, bass, the whole shebang.

House of Blues
Significant venue where many musicians have performed including Louis Armstrong. Its a theatre set up inside. Cover is more expensive, concert based. You'll have to check online to get tickets in advance. Serves food. I think its worthwhile to visit once.

Red Fish
Cajun style. Food is pretty good. ~$20. They have a live band. Plays rock.

Some Tapas bar somewhere...

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