Monday, April 23, 2007


It happened again! This is the second time I have witness a truck crashing into the train bridge across Springfield Ave. The first time was when we were walking along Springfield on the way home. And then, BAM! This truck's container hits the bridge because it was to low. That truck ended up stuck underneath because it was going fast enough so that the momentum got it through a little under the bridge. But then it was unable to move forward or backward anymore.

This one happened before we got there. But again, we were walking to work when we say this truck there. When will they ever learn? Is the signage of the bridge height inaccurate? Do truck drivers not know the height of their trucks? Do truck drivers not believe in the laws of physics? Are train bridges invisible to truck drivers? Is there a gravitational singularity in the Springfield train bridge that draws large bodies such as trucks to itself uncontrollably?

Stay tuned next time, when we find out the answers to...The Mystery of the Crashing Trucks

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